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Act for Nasrin Sotoudeh

Iranian lawyer and women’s rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes by an Islamic tribunal in Tehran. The main charges against Nasrin Sotoudeh are “conspiracy”, “inciting corruption and prostitution”, “propaganda against the system”, “disrupting public order” and “spying”.

Released in 2013, after several years of being detained for political offences, she has been  jailed once again for appearing in public without wearing a hijab, and for speaking out in defence of Iranian women who removed their hijabs in public.

In 2012, she was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, and, in 2018, she was awarded the 23rd Ludovic-Trarieux International Human Rights Prize.

As women lawyers, solicitors, barristers and judges, we share the same values defended by Nasrin Sotoudeh.

We propose to the Iranian Government that we shall take Nasrin Sotoudeh’s place in prison and serve her sentence as a group, similarly to what has already been encountered in different civilisations.

We Acknowledge that the Iranian authorities are more likely to accept our offer to imprison and mutilate us as we are women activists with legal backgrounds. Following the principle of identity with Nasrin Sotoudeh, we are committed to travel to Iran to be whipped and serve time in prison in her place.

We are counting on support from diplomatic authorities to back our proposal, and to verify the successful execution of this agreement by obtaining the necessary guarantees that we will not be subjected to other ill-treatment than the ones we voluntarily agreed to, and that Nasrin Sotoudeh remains free and unharmed.

We are committed to do everything in our power to ensure that this proposal results in the release and respect of physical integrity of Nasrin Sotoudeh.

We are hereby inviting all women lawyers, solicitors, barristers and judges to join our collectivisation action for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s sentence by registering in the first list below.

We are also inviting every citizen willing to support our action by committing to provide financial support for our travel expenses, our canteen costs in prison and medical fees by registering in the second list below.

Let us rally behind freedom of expression, rights of the defence, democracy and rule of law, let’s free Nasrin Sotoudeh!

Where are we

We were informed of the moved reaction of Nasrin Sotoudeh when she learnt about our program. Me Jean-Pierre Buyle, President of Avocats.be, has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders to ask for an audience in July. We will keep you informed of his answer. 

Join us on this Facebook group to stay in touch and visit our page « Rejoignez-nous – Join us » to internationalize our project.

Statement of the 2nd of September 2019

We are thanking the Foreign Affairs Ministry for our meeting with Avocats.be on the 30th of Augustus 2019, following the letter that Me Jean-Pierre-Buyle has sent.

We explained our project to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, who was attentive and confirmed that Belgium’s committment in the protection and the promotion of human rights is a priority for foreign affairs.

We will soon propose a meeting with all participants involved in this project.

All united for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s freedom ! »

Statement of the 26th of Augustus 2019

The European Associationof Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights (ELDH) support our action to collectivize the sentence of Nasrin Sotoudeh !
So far, jurists women from Belgium, United Kingdom and Italy committed to supersede Nasrin Sotoudeh for her sentence for 145 whiplashes and 575 days of jail. Civil society committed to cover the costs up to 4755 €.
All united for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s freedom !

Already collected this 17/07/2019
139 wiplashes
530 days in prison
€ 4370
Already more than 110 signatories.

Join us !

Collective supported by Avocats.be and Fem & Law. Would you like to join the list of organizations supporting the collective? More information ?
Please contact us at info@libereznasrinsotoudeh.be